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Chick-Fil-A in Apex

We happened to go to Chick-Fil-A in Apex on the night they were having an elementary school fundraiser, so the place was insanely busy.  I’m not going to count the crowds or lines against them, I’m sure they’re normally very quick and easy for getting food.  I’m sorry I didn’t get an exterior picture, but it was a very stormy day out as well.  This Chick-Fil-A is across the street from Lowes and Target, near other restaurants like Chili’s, TGIFridays and IHOP.

Chargrilled Chicken Club Sandwich

My husband ordered the Chargrilled Chicken Club Sandwich meal, which came with their waffle fries and a Coke for $7.  $7 seemed expensive to me, I remember when value meals used to cost $3.  Guess I’m old and don’t go to fast food places much.  I tried one of the waffle fries.  It was decent, but I think I prefer regular stick-shaped fries.  My husband really liked them though, he said they were the best fast food fries he’s ever had.   They taste very much like real potatoes.  The chicken club wasn’t as good though.  He said the bacon was good, the chicken not so much.

Chicken Nuggets

My son got the 4-piece chicken nugget kids meal with a fruit cup and chocolate milk.  I figured as far as kid’s meals goes, it wasn’t too bad.  It even came with a toy, a small timer.  The price was $2.95, which I guess is normal for kid’s meals these days.  He drank all his chocolate milk, but wouldn’t touch the fruit cup.  I ended up eating the fruit cup later, I thought it was good.  It had bite sized pieces of apple, mandarin orange, grapes and strawberries.  He did eat 2 chicken nuggets, but he fought me quite a bit on those 2.  I thought they were good quality though, they appeared to be real chicken meat as opposed to ground chicken bits.

Chicken Tenders and Fruit Cup

I got an order of 3 chicken tenders and a side of medium coleslaw.  The chicken tenders were real white meat chicken breast, which was nice.  But they seemed very greasy and had a lot of stringy bits in them, like they hadn’t trimmed off that one big vein that goes down a chicken breast.  I dipped it in their honey mustard sauce, which unfortunately isn’t nearly as good as my own honey mustard or the honey mustard I get with Tyler’s chicken tenders.  The coleslaw was edible but certainly not my favorite coleslaw.  It had a lot of creamy sauce and sugar in it, whereas I prefer mine more vinegary.   But at least they don’t put a ton of pepper on it like some places in the South.  The chicken strips were fairly priced at $3.05 and the medium coleslaw was $1.65, so it was a nice cheap meal.

Waffle Potato Fries

As I said, I forgive the restaurant for being overly busy on this night, and I certainly won’t judge them on that.  The restaurant was decently kept up considering the hundreds they were serving tonight, and they did get out the food as fresh and hot as possible.  I think the main problem is, I just don’t really love chicken all that much.  I really prefer beef, pork or lamb if I’m going to be eating meat.  I didn’t love the fries all that much either, I prefer steak fries with no skin on them.  But my husband sure did love them.  And I like that my son can eat real white meat chicken instead of the usual ground chicken pulp, but unfortunately he didn’t appreciate the chicken nuggets for this fact.  If I’m ever on the road and had to stop in for food, I would probably pick Chick-Fil-A over a Wendy’s or Burger King, but I don’t think I’ll probably be visiting this place again on purpose, with there being so many nicer restaurants in the area (especially IHOP next door, my son’s favorite).

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