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I went to Buffalo Wings and Rings yesterday evening to meet up with some colleagues.  I ordered a chicken tenders dinner basket, which came with 3 chicken strips and 2 sides.  I chose the fries and cole slaw.  I thought the chicken tenders were very good with the honey mustard sauce, the fries were decent, and the coleslaw wasn’t my favorite but certainly edible.  The price was $8.99 in the menu but I was charged $9.49 on the check.  I didn’t want to argue it since I was in a group, but I think they charged me the 50 cents just for the honey mustard sauce.  It wasn’t itemized on the bill.  Probably something to look out for in the future.  The food was more than enough for one person though, so the portion sizes are great for sharing.

The prices on the rest of the food seemed decent enough.  But I did notice another charge of $1.00 on the bill for bleu cheese dip that someone got with their poppers.  Do they not include any sauces with their food?  Who wants to eat chicken strips and poppers dry?  Seems they like to nickel and dime over every little thing.

They sell beer by the “tube” here instead of by the pitcher, which was decently priced at $19 a tube for Hoppyum IPA.  The beer selection they had their was very limited, with mostly the typical Bud/Miller/Coors, but I think we lucked out with a decent beer on tap.  If you’re looking for a good place to get beer, I think I would choose Tyler’s or Carolina Ale House over Buffalo Wings and Rings.

The single serving drinks were a lot more expensive than the tube.  They charged $3 each for bottles of Bud and Miller, and $5.50 each for shots of Cuervo.

I thought the atmosphere was a little cramped.  It’s like they wanted a Sports-bar type atmosphere but no standing room, and the tables were very tiny.  We had arranged for the “yellow room” for our group, but while we were waiting for others to arrive they had filled the room with others so that we lost our space.

I liked my food, it was good for pub food.  The beer was great too, but I think that was luck, there are no good beers on the menu.   The prices for single drinks were steep and I don’t like the idea of having to pay for the sauce to dip your food in.  I don’t think I’d come back again for lunch or dinner or anything, but it would be a good place for groups if they’d actually save the room they were supposed to instead of filling it up before everyone arrives.

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