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Benetis in Durham

We stopped by Benetis on Sunday for lunch.  It’s in Greenwood Commons on Hwy. 55 near a bunch of other restaurants, so if you show up and decide not to eat there, there’s plenty of other places to go.  I’m always on the lookout for a good breakfast-serving restaurant, because that means my son will actually order and eat something off the menu.  Despite the big sign outside that said “LUNCH BUFFET”, there was no buffet on Sunday.  That’s fine though, I generally don’t like to get buffets.  What made me really hesitant was the menu posted next to the door that didn’t show any breakfast items.  But when I asked the hostess if they had pancakes, she said yes.  The menu we received at the table was very different than the one next to the door.

Kid's Pancakes

The menu featured typical breakfast diner food, with pancakes, waffles, french toast, eggs Benedict, sandwiches, salads and other American entrees.  I didn’t see anything on the menu that would suggest it was Greek.  Maybe they serve a completely different menu for dinner.

I got the waffle with spiced apple topping, my son got the kid’s pancakes that comes with 2 strips of bacon and scrambled eggs, and my husband got the Broadway skillet which was potatoes, eggs, bacon, ham and miscellaneous other foods cooked up in a skillet, and an English muffin.

My son got a huge gob of butter on his pancakes, which is great because he loves butter.  He didn’t like the eggs and bacon touching his pancakes though, so we quickly removed them.  He at nearly both pancakes, and I tried some of the leftovers and they were pretty good.

Waffle with Spiced Apples

My waffle was as good as waffles get, and the spiced apple topping went perfectly with it.  I was a bit disappointed though, I didn’t get a big gob of melty butter on my waffle.  I guess next time that’s going to be something I have to ask for.  I thought the Broadway skillet looked pretty gross, but my husband thought it tasted great.

For 3 entrees and 3 drinks it was about $25, which is pretty decently priced.  I had no complaints with the service until we were done eating, and then our waitress was no where to be found.  I waited 20 minutes for the bill before going up to the cashier and asking for it.  I know, it’s a petty complaint, but if you’re going to make people wait for their bill that long at least refill drinks our drinks or something.

Broadway Skillet

I really can’t judge the rest of the food they might serve here at other times.  Maybe the buffet and Greek food are super awesome too.  All I know is, the breakfast foods were great and I’d definitely take this place over IHOP.
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