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ãn in Cary

My husband  and I finally got a chance to try this restaurant the night before Thanksgiving’s Day.  We had made reservations, but it probably wasn’t necessary for this night because I don’t think there were more than 6 tables filled.

The restaurant has a very grand presence.   The huge entrance is covered so if it’s raining you can keep your clothes  pretty.  The interior is just as gorgeous as the interior.  The decor is well done, and the beautiful floating sculpture at the ceiling was the icing on the cake.  We had dressed up nicely, seeing as though we don’t get many nights out without the boy, and I think we would have felt under dressed otherwise.

Lamb & Pad Thai

I was surprised when I looked over the menu for 2 reasons.  I didn’t know much about the cuisine before I arrived, and I thought the items offered were quite diverse.  I was also surprised how cheap many of the entrees were, compared to some of the reviews I had read previously.  I had gotten the impression all the dishes would be $40+ and I’d be spending an arm and a leg, but there were some very tasty sounding entrees for less than $20.

So many items sounded interesting, but I finally decided on the Lamb & Pad Thai.  I like Pad Thai and order it often at Thai restaurants, but I usually order it tofu only.  I’ve never seen it offered with lamb before.  My husband ordered the Kakuni Pork Shank, which sounded really good as well.

Kakuni Pork Shank

They brought out 2 free appetizers while we waited for our entrees, some salted edamame and some warm flat bread.  The edamame was difficult to eat neatly.  One of the little soybeans went flying when I tried to extract it from the pod.  I would have preferred them to be out of the pod to begin with so I could eat them nicely.  The flat bread was plain but still good, and came with a pot of whipped salted butter.

Lemon White Chocolate Terrine

Our entrees arrived within a fairly quick amount of time, considering how much must have been involved with the preparation.  My Pad Thai didn’t smell exactly like pad thai normally does.  It wasn’t a very authentic dish, but it still had a really good taste to it.  The lamb was very tasty too, but didn’t seem to match the Pad Thai at all.  That was, until I started using the chutney.  Once I mixed the chutney in, the whole dish was really brought together.  It also brought in a fantastic spicy, fruity flavor to the whole thing, getting much spicier than Pad Thai usually gets.  I was really impressed with my meal.

My husband’s Kakuni pork shank wasn’t nearly as good.  I tried it, and it was good.  Certainly not a terrible disappointment if ordered at any other restaurant.  But compared to the hype of this restaurant, and how awesome my entree was, he was a bit let down.  He said next time he’d probably go for the Polynesian chicken or Filet Mignon.

Dulce de Leche Creme Caramel

The desserts were a bit pricey at $8 each, but since it’s so rare for us to get out for a romantic dinner, we decided to each get one.  I got the Lemon White Chocolate Terrine, and my husband got the Dulce de Leche Creme Caramel.  My dessert was super rich and delicious, and very pretty as well.  But on this one my husband won, his dessert was like heaven on a spoon.  It had a rich, deep, coffee and caramel flavor and had the most silky texture imaginable.

They also brought out small macaroons with some fruit, I guess instead of fortune cookies.  It was a nice little treat to get free at the end of the meal.


With two entrees at $24 and $19, and two desserts at $8 each, we ended up spending a lot less than I was thinking when we made the reservation.  The atmosphere is really perfect for a romantic evening out and I think if we get a chance for a night like this again, we’ll definitely be coming back for the Filet Mignon and Polynesian chicken.
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