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Savoy in Raleigh (CLOSED)

*EDIT* I found out just weeks after my review, Savoy has closed.

We stopped by Savoy last week Friday (Good Friday) for lunch.  I had made a reservation just in case, but the place was nearly empty – just 3 other tables seated.  Having never been there before, it’s difficult for me to say if this would be the typical lunch crowd.  It was also raining, so even though there was covered outdoor seating, we sat inside.  The restaurant has a very nice interior, with pleasant lighting, a cool fish tank with brightly colored fish swimming around, and some semi-private eating areas for groups.  The bar looked nicely stocked as well.  After living a few years in the area, I’m getting used to fine dining being located in Food Lion strip malls.

French Onion Soup

Their lunch menu is very short, with just a few appetizers, salads and entrees.  But the prices are also really good at lunch time, with nearly everything less than $10.  My husband and I both ordered the French Onion Soup for an appetizer, he got the Monte Cristo sandwich ($8) and I got the Savoy sandwich ($9).  They don’t have a kid’s menu, or any kid-friendly foods at all, so I would recommend leaving the kids at home for this one.

They bring out some sliced bread with whipped butter after ordering.  It was very soft and warm, and made for a good snack before the soup came out.  The soup was served in cute little pots, perfectly baked with crispy, gooey Gruyere cheese on top.  It was quite possibly the best French onion soup I’ve ever had, though typically I’ve had it in chain restaurants like Outback so I suppose that’s not saying much.  At $7 it’s probably more than I would usually spend on a cup of soup, but it was really good and I’d definitely pay that much again.

Savoy Sandwich

While waiting for the entrees (and do expect to wait, even at lunch time) I checked out the back and the bathrooms.  There’s a more secluded back room that would be great for private parties.  The bathrooms were also pretty nice, though not extravagant.

The entrees had been brought out by the time I got back.  I hadn’t realized when I ordered, but the Savoy is an open-faced sandwich.  Not that I minded at all.  The entire sandwich and fries were covered in the most delicious Bearnaise sauce.  The beef was tender and soft, and the bread underneath had a crunchy buttered crust and was soft and warm.  Definitely one of the nicest lunch entrees I’ve eaten in a long time.

Monte Cristo

My husband’s Monte Cristo was one of the nicest looking Monte Cristos I’ve ever seen.  Usually they look like a sloppy mess from being fried and having gooey cheese dripping out.  But this one actually looked somewhat “fancy”.  It came with a small pot of blackberry preserves which was an excellent compliment. His also came with the hand-cut fries, as well as a small salad with a very tasty dressing on it.  He’s tried Monte Cristos from many different restaurants, and he’s rated Savoy’s as being #2.  That’s pretty good.

I’ll have to come back for dinner some time to try that menu, but there were some other items on the lunch menu that sounded really good too.  I was so close to ordering the chicken bacon dumplings.  I know the dinner prices will probably be more than $8 an entree, but it seems like a very nice place for a romantic evening out.

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  1. Mandy says:

    I’ve been meaning to check out Savoy since it’s right around the corner. It looks like they have nice brunches, and a friend went there for dinner and said it was the best meal she’s ever had! It’s just hard to get in a date night with the kiddo around. Glad you enjoyed it!

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