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Mellow Mushroom in Cary

My initial impression is that they aren’t prepared to deal with the volume of business they’re getting at this location.  They are swamped day and night, with a full parking lot and long waits for tables.  The first few times we tried to get take out, they weren’t even answering their phone.  After 30 minutes we gave up and got Papa John’s instead.

Chicken Bacon BBQ Pizza

Last Sunday we were finally able to get through and ordered the bacon chicken BBQ pizza and some cheese bread.  It took about a half hour from the time the call was placed to when the pizza/bread was ready, so it’s a bit longer wait than your typical pizza place.

The chicken bacon BBQ pizza had all the main ingredients gathered toward the middle of the pizza, with a swirl of BBQ sauce on the top.  The toppings were actually really good, I just wish they weren’t all centered in the middle.  Also, there was no sauce on the pizza, just the swirl of BBQ.  So once you get to the outer 4 inches of the pizza, it gets pretty dry and bland.

My son loves Papa John’s cheese sticks, but he was not a fan of the cheese bread here.  The french bread was a bit stale, and they put the sauce container directly on the cheese topping, leaving a little circle indent on the top.  I don’t know of any other restaurant I’ve ever been to that puts containers or dishes on top of the food like that.

Cheese Bread

My husband is a huge fan of other Mellow Mushrooms and he keeps insisting that this was not indicative of their typical service and food.  I do plan on giving them another chance, this time ordering a calzone which he says is much better than the pizza.  I do wish the Mellow Mushroom website had an actual menu available besides just the list of their seasonal items to see if I could find anything else that might be better.

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