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Super Wok in Cary

Chatham Square has such a nice variety of quality restaurants, but unfortunately the exteriors and interiors aren’t all that impressive.  Super Wok suffers from small signage and a building that’s below grade, as well as a cramped interior with only about 12 tables.  But, if you can make it past the cheap looks, the food really is pretty good.

Spring Rolls

My husband ordered a hot and sour soup to start, and I got the eggdrop soup.  We also ordered some spring rolls to share.  I suspect the soups weren’t made to order, as they came out within about minute.  But I don’t mind too much, soup tastes pretty much the same whether it’s fresh or been sitting in a heated pan for an hour.  My husband’s soup was really good.  He always leaves the tofu and mushrooms for me at the end.  It had a really good, spicy, rich flavor to it, and I loved the mushrooms.  My own eggdrop soup was pretty bland.  I used a lot of the soy sauce and crunchy noodles to try and salvage it.  But at $1.75 and $2.50, they were good sized servings and cheap enough to try once.  I’d probably just let my husband order his hot and sour soup and get his leftovers next time.

The spring rolls were pretty greasy and they seemed just spiced with pepper.  Again, I wasn’t all that impressed and would probably order one of the dumplings next time, but at $2.50 for 2, it’s a place you can afford to do trial and error over time til you find the dishes that work for you.

Crispy Tofu

For the entrees I ordered the crispy tofu, and my husband ordered the orange beef.  I was really considering the “Tri pepper tofu”, but with 2 peppers (the highest they go) I thought it could be too spicy for me.

The crispy tofu ended up being really flavorful, and at one 1 pepper rating, it was pretty tolerable for me.  I think maybe next time I could probably try something with 2 peppers.  The broccoli around the rim of the plate was steamed separately from rest of the dish, so it’s quite unflavorful unless you cover it with the tofu’s sauce.  It also wasn’t nearly as hot, temperature-wise, as the rest of the dish, so eat it quickly if you plan to eat it.  The crispy tofu came with a small dish of rice that perhaps a little meager.  I ended up with about half the tofu as leftovers, but I have some more rice at home to make up with it, so I’ll have that as leftovers on Monday.

Orange Beef

My husband was really impressed with his orange beef.  He said it was the best Chinese dish he’s had in this area so far.  He ate his whole entree, leaving the broccoli for me.  I had some of the beef, and it was really crispy and tender.  Though it was sliced into rather large slices, you could easily cut it with the side of your fork.

The service was very attentive the whole time we were there, and I thought we really had a good experience there.  The appetizers I had ordered were not spectacular, but at the cheap prices I’m not too disappointed.  I’ll just try some different appetizers next time.  I’ll probably order a set of dumplings and Tom Kha soup when we visit again.  Maybe I’ll even get the courage to try the “2 pepper” entrees!
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