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Onion Soup and Grilled Brie, Bacon and Apple Sandwich

We stopped by the new Rockwell’s American Grill a couple weeks back.  I knew they had just opened recently so I was expecting sloppy service and a lot of mistakes, but they seemed to have straightened most everything out.  The kid’s menu was questionable though, since they did in fact have kid’s pancakes as an option even though it wasn’t listed on the kid’s menu.  I think they just printed out the same kid’s menu as their other restaurants, so maybe it’ll take a while to get a specialized one for the Rockwell’s.

My son had the kid’s pancakes, and as usual, he liked them and ate them all.  It was a good deal at only $5, including a kid’s size drink and some cookies for dessert.

Grilled Gruyere and Ham Sandwich with Fries

I got the grilled brie, bacon and apple sandwich with the onion soup.  The soup and sandwich came out at the same time.  I was really hungry and should have requested the soup come out first.  By the time I got done with the soup, the sandwich had gotten cold.  The onion soup wasn’t as good as some of the french onion soups I’ve had, so I probably wouldn’t get it again.  The bacon, brie and apple sandwich was a bit disappointing for me.  It was extremely light on the brie, and very heavy on the bacon.  That might appeal to a lot of people, but I was really hoping for more cheese in the grilled cheese sandwich.  The apple was almost non-existent, and you couldn’t really taste it over the bacon.

Clam Chowder

My husband really liked his grilled Gruyere and ham sandwich.  He got a combo too, with clam chowder, and some fries as well.  He thought the soup was probably the weakest part of the meal, but overall, he really liked his meal. He wouldn’t mind going back and trying a few other kinds of the grilled cheese sandwiches.

I think the best part was the dessert.  For just $4 we got the “small” peanut butter smores sundae, which was more than big enough for 2 people to share. I thought it was very original, especially the toasted marshmallows, and I’d like to try some of the other desserts they have next time.

Peanut Butter Smores Sundae

I think overall, Rockwell’s has a lot of areas they can improve on, but the service was decent and I love the desserts, and my husband was so happy with his meal. We’ll probably stop by again on occasion.
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