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Komo Komo in Cary

Sweet Potato Soup

After reading some reviews prior to visiting Komo Komo, I was a bit apprehensive.  I’ve never really liked the order-at-the-counter type of restaurant.  I figure if I’m going to go out for a meal, I should be getting full table service.  Plus, the idea of Korean mixed with French sounded really odd to me.  I wasn’t sure it would work at all.

When we entered the restaurant, we were seated by a waiter and brought menus.  I’m not sure if something changed between the initial reviews and our visit, or perhaps the order-at-the-counter thing is just for lunchtime, but I was pleasantly surprised that we would actually get table service after all.

I ordered a pomegranate white tea and my husband ordered a coke to drink.  I think the tea is a bit expensive at $3, but at least it’s refillable.  It’s Trader Joe’s, so it’s decent quality too.

Chicken Dumplings

We each ordered an appetizer at $6 a piece so we could try more things.  I got the sweet potato soup and my husband got the chicken dumplings.  $6 is a bit expensive for an appetizer, but they were really, really good.  I loved my soup.  My husband tried it too, and thought it was fantastic.  It was so creamy and flavorful. The chicken dumplings were pretty amazing too.  I had one, and it was the perfect texture, the perfect flavor.

Vegetarian Bibimbop


The entrees weren’t quite as good as the appetizers.  We both ordered the bibimbop.  I got the vegetarian and my husband got the pork. It comes with a miso soup that is lacking the normal tofu squares and nori pieces, and instead has 2 slices of mushroom. The sauce for the bibimbop is served on the side, which is a bit odd.  It also appeared to be missing an egg.  Still, it was a good flavor, with a good amount of variety in it.  I tried a bit of my husband’s pork and it was amazingly soft and moist.  At $10 each for the entrees though, they weren’t as expensive as some of the other things on the menu. My husband really thought this was the weakest part of the meal though.

Pork Bibimbop

I decided to get a dessert, since they had such a delicious sounding selection.  I ordered the creme brulee with ginger and lemongrass.  It sounded like a really odd combination, but I love creme brulee.  It was served with blackberry and 2 blueberries, which looked rather phallic in its presentation, however the dish tasted awesome.  By the end of it, I was sorry I had to share it with my husband.  I wish I would have ordered one all for myself.  At $5, it wasn’t too terribly priced either.

Creme Brulee

The tea service in the afternoon sounds like a pretty cool experience, I just don’t know when I’d be able to stop by for food between 2:30 and 3:30pm. It’d be nice if they offered it as a lunch option.

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  1. Kelly says:

    I love your reviews and I’d love to see what you think of Joel Lane’s in Glenwood South. I’ve heard great things.

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