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Well, I guess the Morrisville/Cary area was really lacking a good breakfast place, because Another Broken Egg was packed on the Saturday afternoon we went. We got there about 12:30pm and had to wait 15 minutes for a table for 3, though it’s nice they give you a little buzzer so you can know when you’re table’s ready. We were able to shop at the nearby air-conditioned Gamestop while we waited, so it wasn’t so bad.

Kid's Pancakes with Bacon

The interior is very bright and cheery, and everything was shiny and new. We were seated at a very cozy little booth. Some of the freestanding table seating looked a bit crowded. I’m thinking maybe it’s only this busy on weekends, as I can’t imagine the weekdays having this many brunch-loving folks.

My son ordered the kid’s pancakes with bacon on the side (he didn’t want the bacon touching), and apple juice. The kid’s meals are reasonably priced, and it was only $3.99. Unfortunately drinks are a bit more expensive, $2.29 each for his juice, my juice and my husband’s soda. My son’s opinion of the pancakes is they were as good as Cracker Barrel’s, but not as good as IHOP.


I ordered the beignets for us to share, and the baked brie appetizer as my entree. The beignets were good on their own, but they forgot to give us the sauce. I reminded them and they were able to get it out to our table for the last few beignets. It was a very thick honey/orange peel sauce that was so sweet you can feel your teeth rotting, but it still went very well with the beignets.

Baked Brie Delight

I liked the brie well enough and I thought the mixed apple, raisin and pecan were a good compliment. I tried putting it on the bread though, and that really didn’t seem to add anything to the flavor. So the bread went untouched. I think more brie, less fruit mix and no bread would have been best for me, however I’d still get it again as it is.

Nellie's Delight

My husband ordered a cup of the soup of the day, the tomato bacon soup. He also ordered the Nellie’s Delight sandwich. Unfortunately, the soup didn’t come out until after his sandwich, after he reminded the server, but it was a good soup anyhow. The sandwich was pretty good, and the little country potatoes were great too, not greasy at all.

Tomato Bacon Soup

They’ve got a few kinks to work out yet, but I think the food here is really good, and for only being open for a few weeks they’re doing very well for themselves. The only thing I’m really missing from this place is the Monte Cristo sandwich. They’ve got french toast, ham, turkey and cheese, why can’t they put them together and get the Monte Cristo on the menu? It’d be nice if they were open a bit later too. My son is a big pancake eater, so it’s nice to have more options of places that serve pancakes all day. 2pm is way too early to close.

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