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Spirits Pub & Grub in Cary

I wish I would have taken more pictures this visit, but we were all so hungry! I’ve been to Spirits half a dozen times before, but mostly just for drinks and apps. I finally took my husband and son there to try out the menu. We went on a Sunday night so it wasn’t very busy, and there were a lot of open tables and plenty of seating outside.

Beer Flight and French Onion Soup

I got my usually drink order, the “Beer Flight”, which is 5 small cups of beer samples. The managers choice tonight was a bunch of IPAs, not my preference, so instead got a sampling of wheat beers and Red Oaks. This is one of the few places I can find Red Oak beers, and I love the Hummingbird. My husband got a beer from the Carolina Brewery, and my son had a pink lemonade.

This is a very family-friendly pub, and they had a decent kid’s menu. My son got the spaghetti with the sauce on the side, as he’s a bit picky about that. He actually ate all the spaghetti, which is saying something.

I got the french onion soup for an appetizer, and the Chinese chicken salad. The french onion soup had too much cheese, and it wasn’t Gruyere cheese (yes I can tell the difference). Too much bread, not enough onion and broth. I probably wouldn’t get it again. The Chinese chicken salad was okay, but again, I probably wouldn’t order it again. It was rather bland. Could have used something sour or salty or spicy to add a little kick.

My husband got the Wolfpack burger with the sweet potato fries. He said he really liked the burger, though it was huge, and the sweet potato fries are always awesome. He ranked it on top of both Tribeca and Tyler’s as far as pub food and drinks goes.

Personally, I love the drinks and service here, but I don’t think the food is as good as Tribeca. I’ll certainly continue to come here on a regular basis for the beer flight and sweet potato fries, but I don’t think I would come back for meals in the near future.

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