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I usually try not to spend more than $10 at lunch time, and I prefer not to eat at “order-at-the-counter” type restaurants, however I made an exception for Moustache Cafe since their meat-heavy entrees are acceptable under my husband’s Keto diet. I’m also very happy to see a kebab restaurant open up in Morrisville, instead of another “pub grub” type place that seems to be everywhere these days.

Filet Mignon Kebab with Salad and Shirazi

It was about a 5 minute wait in line to order, and there’s not a whole lot of room between the door and the counter to wait in. They might need to re-think not having table service here. I ordered the lamb kebab with salad, and I guess at lunch they have free sides with the entree too, so I got the mast-o-khiar which is like tzatziki or raita, yogurt with cucumbers. I figured it might help if the dish was spicier than I expected. My husband got one of the daily specials, the filet mignon, with a salad. Since all the sides seemed a little too carb-heavy for him, I ordered a side of shirazi with his, which is diced tomato, cucumber and onions. The filet kebab is usually $15, but as the special it was only $12. It came with a drink so he got a soda from the soda fountain. I thought mine came with a drink too, so I ordered the yogurt soda ($1.75, same as the fountain sodas) but apparently either my lunch didn’t come with a drink, or they don’t like it when you don’t take the fountain drink. In any case my bill said an extra $1.75 for the yogurt soda. At $24 for 2 meals, like I said, a bit more than I usually like to pay for lunch.

We were given a number and were told to sit and wait for our food. The seating is pleasant and comfortable enough, and the atmosphere seemed bright and cheery. I didn’t time the wait, but it seemed about 10 or 15 minutes. I guess they do make everything fresh then.

Lamb Kebab with Salad, Mast-o-Khiar and Yogurt Soda

My lamb came out with the salad, not on a stick, but you could see where the stick had been. A little dish for the mast-o-khiar was served on the side. The lamb had a decent amount of herbs and spices on it, but it wasn’t “hot” spicy at all. My only issue with the lamb was that one piece had a rather large chunk of fat or gristle that was unchewable in it, so I had to discreetly spit it into a napkin. The salad was all good and fresh, and the herbs used in it also gave it some wonderful flavors. The yogurt soda was interesting, not sweet, just like plain yogurt mixed with club soda.

My husband’s filet mignon was served in a similar fashion. His beef wasn’t spiced at all, it seemed completely plain, which was odd. I was expecting it would have similar spices as the lamb. Regardless, it was cooked perfectly, so the beef flavor came out beautifully. He said he would order the lamb next time, since the whole point of going to a kebab restaurant is to taste those delicious herbs and spices cooked into the meat. I ate his little bowl of shirazi he got as the side, and I thought it was very refreshing. I’d probably get that again instead of the mast-o-khiar, since there was no hot spices to cool down from. They had also brought out a little basket of cut-up pita bread, but neither of us used the bread for anything.

My husband really liked the food and said he wouldn’t mind coming back frequently for lunch. I thought it was decent enough as a lunch spot, but I probably wouldn’t come for an evening meal. I think they could do themselves a favor by making all the lunch entrees under $10 (the $15 and $17 ones really stick out), and then have a more expensive menu and table service for dinner.

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  1. Andrew Pelt says:

    Sounds like a cool new place, I’ll have to check it out.

  2. doudoune moncler femme says:

    This is a great post. Thanks so much for sharing, like always.

  3. classic says:

    I was thinking of checking this place out, it looked good.

  4. paddy o'reily says:

    I love the food here, it was very tasty, and a very friendly boy (Think name was Ameen) made the meal and experience even more satisfying. I will defiantly be coming back here for lunch. LOVE IT!!!

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