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1/2 Strawberry Salad with French Onion Soup

In a continuation of the steakhouse trials, we stopped by LongHorn steakhouse for a lunch during a normal weekday. My husband ordered the Rancher’s Sirloin with green beans, I got the 1/2 strawberry salad with a French onion soup, and our son got the kid’s mac and cheese.

The bread appetizer that came out was very good, comparable to the kind of bread you get at Outback Steakhouse. I had to keep my son from eating the whole basket before the meal came out.

Rancher’s Sirloin with Green Beans

The entrees all came out at the same time. My salad was really good, and although the French onion soup wasn’t made with gruyere, it was still good. I loved the little bacon cheese chips that came with the meal; it was an unexpected treat.

My husband’s steak was really awesome with the fried egg on top. I think too many restaurants underestimate how well eggs compliment beef. He thought the steak part was really great, but the green beans were mediocre. He didn’t finish them.

Kid’s Mac and Cheese

My son’s macaroni and cheese was labeled as being made the “Kraft” way, but a few burnt pieces means they probably kept it heated, or baked it. In any case, he wasn’t happy with it differing from the stove top boiled method. He liked the fries okay, but didn’t finish his meal. At $4.49 though, it’s not a huge loss.

I thought the lunch prices were very reasonable, $8 for my soup/salad and $13.50 for the steak. I wish they had a few more low-carb options for sides (broccoli, salads, cabbage soup…) but it still fits in okay with the Keto diet my husband’s on. Our waitress Heather was constantly looking for ways to make us happy, and we felt totally welcome here.  I wouldn’t mind coming back again if I’m in the Brier Creek area.
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