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The only time we’ve ever come to Tir Na Nog is for their Celtic Christmas, so perhaps this review will be a bit specialized. There was a special menu just for this night, live music, and a shopping area with Celtic vendors.

Kid’s Corn Dog

I made reservations and brought my parents here for a special Christmas dinner. There was a different menu, so my husband was able to order a more normal (non-pastry) steak with green beans, and my son could order a corn dog off the kid’s menu. I ordered the beef pasty, as it sounded too good to resist. Their beer menu seems to fluctuate quite a bit, and both the beers I ordered don’t appear to be on the menu now, so I won’t mention them. But they were good!

The waiter was kind enough to wait between songs or sets when taking orders, bringing food out, or asking questions. The music was very loud and it would have been hard to hear him otherwise.

Beef Pasty

Our table was nicely situated so everyone would have a good view of the stage, and the music was really great, both Celtic and festive. Between sets we checked out the vendors, and my mother picked out a few nice pieces she liked.

My son got his entree first, and he ate most of his corn dog and a good portion of his fries. A decent rating from him.

My husband’s steak came out perfect, and he said the green beans came out amazing as well. That’s quite an accomplishment, to have my husband compliment the vegetables. He ate his whole meal quite happily.

Steak and Green Beans

I loved my beef pasty, but I thought the serving size was huge. There was no way anyone could eat a whole one. Plus this sort of thing probably doesn’t reheat very well. I also wasn’t thrilled with the pea mashed potatoes, but I’m not a huge fan of peas to begin with (unless they’re fresh and uncooked). The steak fries I had no problem with.

The entire Christmas celebration, with the music, food, and shopping, was a good experience at a great price. My parents said it was one of the nicer experiences they had while visiting in North Carolina. If parking downtown wasn’t such a pain, I think I’d come here more often.
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